I started out wanting to become a life coach. Astrology was just something I read in a monthly column. It was Summer of 2016, I was a little more than half way through my dumpster-fire year. I threw myself into the 5-week course The Quest promising ‘Spiritual Solutions for Creating a Life You Love.’ Our hosts, Deepak Chopra and Martha Beck, coached us around the ideas of self love and spiritualism. What a shock it was to wake up and realize that I was using everyone else’s bad behavior as an excuse for mine. When I started to point the finger of blame back at myself, you could say shit just got real. As the course came to its completion I felt this deep desire to serve others. Late one night, my husband thousands of miles away on his own journey, I sent him a text that read: “I want to be a life coach.” He was 100% supportive. As one of the very last applicants, I was accepted just a few days shy of our first class. Check out the transits… Moon at the anaretic degree, on my ASC, Sun conjunct the North Node with Jupiter all in Virgo (self improvement) my 11th (community.) Mercury directly opposite Mars/Chiron both at 27 and Saturn & Mars in Sadge making a trine aspect to my natal Saturn. I wasn’t even paying attention to the cosmos but they were sure paying attention to me that day.

Evolutionary Astrology by Jeffrey Wolf Green

That same year I started  to become reacquainted with my an friend, astrology. In my calendar I would jot dot notes on upcoming New Moons, I started to draw in some of the seasonal astrological influences, in general just tuning in more to the current lunar and solar cycles – I was experiencing a lot of planetary stirrings in my 11th house including Jupiter conjunct my Uranus a planet that seems to rule my chart and my mojo, perhaps awakening the latent predisposition.


I took a deep dive travelling to Peru to study ancient cosmology and astrology with Tom Lechner in October 2018. When I returned I enrolled in the two year long program, Astrology of the Soul, the Complete Course for Chart Interpretation. Completed June 2020. My days are pretty full between my studies and prepping for certification but I’m always happy to make time to answer your questions or better yet have an entire hour to go over your chart with you. While you are considering if astrology is right for you, come over and take a look around at Astrology Circle, a little community I built in the Spring of 2020 when we all went into our first lockdown. You’ll find some posts on current transits and tips for upcoming lunar cycles. We will be starting a private New Moon Circle as a companion study group for The Moon is my Calendar in December on the Solar Eclipse limited to 8 participants this cycle. Click here for more information or to sign up.

Join us as we journal our way through the next 13 lunar cycles using The Moon is my Calendar as our guide.  For the next 12 months we meet in the ASTRO CIRCLE community to discuss the upcoming lunar cycle, its monthly themes, astrological influences and timings for New Moon rituals.  For more information visit Moon Circle 2021.

“The moon has always marked the passage of time, waxing and waning with a steady rhythm. Awareness of the lunar phases brings us into a relationship with the radiance of the ☀️ Sun, the receptively of the 🌙 moon and the constant movement of cycles on earth 🌎.”

– The Moon is my Calendar creator April Miller McMurtry