April Full Moon Libra 18°

Tonight we have a full moon in the sign of Libra, the archetype of finding the middle ground.

Libra -from Johfra’s Zodiac Series


The Ascendant – the point in which the sun crosses the horizon will be at 11° Libra (at the time of the Full Moon) placing tonight’s 🌕 in the 1st house (in N America.)

When the moon or planet 🪐 crosses the ascendant (ASC) they activate the planets in your natal chart as well as other planets in the current sky!

Check your chart, where does 18° Libra fall in your chart? Need help with a chart? Let me know in the comments, DM me or create yours at www.astro.com.

Tonight is a good night to hold gratitude for your healthy body, the health of the world 🌎 and let go of anything else you feel is weighing you down, bringing you out of balance.

The next two weeks we can look at pairing down at home, purging what is no longer of use. Preparing for donating items when the time is safe for us to do so. Spring cleaning and catching up on paperwork (Venus in Gemini right now fuels that extra mental focus)  will pay off when Venus goes into retrograde next month (5/13.) Mora about what Venus retrograde bring soon.

Mark your calendars – Next new 🌚 moon is April 22 at 3° Taurus ♉️ and it’s also Earth 🌍 Day!!!

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