Full Moon May Scorpio 17°

Wanna know a neat trick how to determine which sign the Full Moon occurs?

Whatever sign the Sun is in the Full Moon occurs in the opposite sign.

Find where 17° Scorpio occurs in your chart. What house? Who rules that house?

For me the FM is transiting my 1st house ✨signalling✨a new annual cycle of full moons.

If you have an ascendant of 17° or more in the sign of Scorpio, you too are starting a brand new 12 month 🌙 cycle.

With the Waxing Gibbous phase (180°) time to check in with the intentions or projects set forth during the New Moon in Libra. If things are developing in a way that you did not intend, consider tweaking the course, you can do this while we ride the next 2 weeks towards the start of the next lunar cycle.

My seedlings 🌱 planted on the New Moon are now 2 weeks old and I will move them into a more permanent home.

I’m also taking time to evaluate my goals towards balancing job/home/astrology and make the necessary adjustments.  I will tell you this great “time out” has helped me by providing extra down time to focus in on the areas ‘not working’ in my life.

image: The Moon Calendar App

A Scorpio Super Moon in a season of birth and renewal (Aires into Taurus) asks us how can we come out of this season (or quarantine) with a renewed sense of identity, values, perspective.

Where darker areas of your life are you shining the light on? Leave a comment below if you feel called to, I’d love to hear.

Enjoy the moonbeams and remember to place your crystals outside tonight to energize them in the light of the Super Moon! 🌕


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