Mars in Aries Retrograde

Its fire season and right on cue as Mars appears to slow to a stop (aka stationing), most of California woke up to a post apocalyptic scene. Everything was red.

smoke blots out the sunrise during CA wildfire
view from my kitchen

San Francisco 2020 looked more like Los Angeles 2049 in the movie Blade Runner.

Mars Retrograde Sept. 9 through Nov. 14

Mars has an Mars has been hanging out at 28° 8′ of Aries for the past 2 days and on Sept. 9th we begin to see the degrees start to move backwards as the retrograde begins. Mars will spend the next two months moving all the way back to 15° Aries before moving forward again mid November.

Mars to square Pluto, Jupiter & Saturn again

Last month we experienced Mars making first quarter squares to the big three outer planets, the opportunity to act and make changes necessary to keep our ideas and projects evolving towards the end goal. Well guess what you’re going to get to experience that tension you felt mid-August all over again as Mars backs up into the degrees 25° – 22° Aries.

Look at your birth chart – don’t have a copy? go to – any planet you have in your chart, within those degrees, in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn will make aspects and consequently resonate with the Mars retrograde.

The 90° square aspect is never comfortable but what motivation would we have if everything was dialed to easy or effortless like the trine aspect. The squares made by Mars might provoke a few more governmental (Saturn) protests or even spark additional fires (Pluto) or perhaps even inspire a CALL FOR ACTION as we reflect (retrograde ) on the catastrophic results of the worst wildfire season in recorded history

Monarch emerges from our habitat yesterday while smoke from wildfires blocks out the Sun.

Mars will also square Jupiter next month on October 18th and while I would normally say strike while the irons hot, I would probably counsel a person to take a more calculated methodical approach and know that you’ll have the opportunity to ‘strike again’ in January when Mars Squares Jupiter (1/22/21.) By then Mars will have moved on to 7° Taurus and will conjunct Uranus at 6° Taurus. There could be some potential for real creative genius ideas or technological breakthroughs at this time, perhaps new developments in the race to produce a COVID-19 vaccine. Stay tuned.

My advice during a Mars retrograde cycle, any retrograde really, is to slow down.

Stop the Virgo insanity. Has the desire to knock off each item on your list or the need to clean out every drawer, purging every tchotchke that does not invoke joy gone awry? Are you snapping at everyone who isn’t keeping up with your pace?

Reach over to Libra for balance. Listen instead of speak. Respond instead of react. Ahhhhh… doesn’t that feel better.

Think of this a self imposed time out

Use this time to figure out not only what you are ready to lay down and discard, but also what do you want to move forward with when Mars stations direct in November? You can simply ask yourself the question this month “What’s one thing that needs to change?” What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Do that. Meditate, close your eyes for 5 minutes and envision what it feels like to complete that one thing. See yourself checking it off the list.

Be prepared for upcoming transits. I get the question all the time about how do I use astrology in my day-to- day life. I’ll get a post up soon with all the tools I use including: apps, report services, journals and calendars. It can also be as simple as writing down moments and going back and matching transits to days, you can then see if the events that transpired are in any way related to some of the aspects planets made.

I started my 5 year journal again after @Elisejoy posted hers. I have a different one but ended up buying this one from Chronicle Books that she uses. They even have a celestial themed version.

Remember, don’t squander your opportunities as Jupiter goes direct this week at 17° 24′ Capricorn. Ask yourself What did I learn during the time period 5/14 – 9/13 while Jupiter was retrograde. What inner wisdom did you glean?

Now take that new found knowledge and put it to good use to help you focus in on what our next steps should be.

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. . .

Stay well my friends and I’ll see you in the next post about the Full Moon in Virgo – we can all celebrate by cleaning out our closets … kidding.

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