Mercury in Aries – the chart tells a story

Late Saturday evening the wing messenger Mercury entered the signs of Aries where he will catch up (and surpass) Chiron, the Sun, Ceres and Venus. With his journey in that initiating power house of Aries we can expect things to speed up like an accelerant. Aries has no patience and Mercury likes to talk fast and move faster, that’s why he has lightening bolts on his hat AND his sandals. (read more about Aries Season here.)

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When Mercury entered 0° Aries there were several things to note about that moment/day. The horary chart is VERY SIGNIFICANT. Let’s take a look together and see what we can mine from it.

1. Mercury (and Pluto) peregrine meaning not making any Ptolemaic aspects (conjunction, trine, square sextile, or opposition) to the other planets. Traditionally it was thought that planets not anchored in aspect were lost and considered challenged in their expression. I prefer the interpretation offered by Noel Tyl that actually gives more importance to these planets, highlighting them. 

Unaspected or peregrine Mercury highlights and gives strength to communication and messages.  

2. Grand Trine between Uranus, the asteroid Vesta (said to represent a deepening within ones Self or the Divine) and the Moon, which represents our Ego structure. We (the collective Vesta – 11th house) are being presented with the opportunity to review where we are feeling (Moon) stuck in our emotional/spiritual development (Vesta retrograde) allowing us to make a different choice (Mars and NN in Gemini) by taking the road less travelled (Uranus.) 

“Beaten paths are for beaten people.” 

-used to describe Uranus squaring the angles – Phllip Levine

3. Kite pattern (an extension of a Grand Trine)

The Grand Trine becomes a “Kite” when two planets make sextiles (60°) aspect to the opposition point, in this case the asteroid Pallas is the 4th point or apex of the opposition to Vesta. Pallas serves as the focal point as it is flanked by both the Moon and Uranus. If a Grand Trine is a smooth and easy aspect, adding supportive sextiles only sweetens the pot. It actually might require a little effort on your part (read the grand trine post where I refer to the aspect as the couch potato aspect.) 

The set up there in the chart but you have to pull the trigger.

4. T-square – this aspect pattern contains an opposition and a square, the apex points to the trigger planet. In Saturdays chart we have three

(1) Vesta opposes Pallas Athena both of them carry the warrior energy and both are in pursuit of protecting what is sacred. In the chart they are said to represent that which is sacred to you, inner strength, protection of your home and hearth (Vesta) and your quest for understanding and integration with the opposite sex, the desire to conquer and attain inner truth, (Pallas.) These two asteroids are squared by the North Node of the Moon, indicating that when you make a choice (Gemini) you move a step closer to what your soul desires (Mars.)

(2) Since one of the squares involves the North Node (NN) that means that the South Node (SN) will also form a square to the same planets (North and South Nodes are a constant 180° apart.) In Evolutionary Astrology we identify the ‘resolution point’ or the way out of the square is through the planet that was last aspected by the squaring planet, to make it simple place yourself on the planet that squares the two points and look left, that is your resolution point. In this case the resolution point of the SN is Vesta  and the resolution with the (NN) is Pallas.

(3) The third T-square is the opposition of Juno and Mars squared by Neptune. The asteroid Juno represents marriage and partnerships. Roman goddess Juno, also known in Greece as one of the 12 Olympians sister/wife to Zeus, daughter of Cronus (Saturn) and Rhea, she was plagued by infidelity and often sought retribution for such betrayal. In modern day astrology we associate the asteroid with the power dynamics between couples. As mother to Ares (Mars) Juno ruled over family, childbirth and marriage and in the chart symbolizes relatedness and connection and represents the DC (descendant), the place where we meet other. Neptune at the apex brings in the element of confusion or delusion. When choosing which way to move forward (Mars, NN) in relationship are we being completely honest with yourself, remove the rose colored glasses or any other filter that might hinder you from seeing the situation/person for what/who they really are.  

The resolution point in this T-square is  Juno (to the left of Neptune.) Choose what is in alignment with your integrity. Applying the Aries mantra works well here. 

I move forward in consideration of others.

5. Square Key – Vesta is involved with an quincunx or inconjunct to the Sun, the two are not “seeing” one another and therefore require effort on your part to come together. The South Node or events from the past are triggering Vesta themed issues, how have recent events placed you back or taken you away from your quest to know your true self. The Moon is putting you in contact with your emotions as it trines Vesta. The Sun is supporting the connection between the past (trining the SN) as well as the moon (semisextile to SN) – the KEY is to TAKE ACTION to move forward. 

The moon is making a last quarter square, what Dane Rudhyar calls a Crisis in Consciousness, the idea is that perhaps you are seeing a situation in a whole new light and for that reason you have a change of heart, ready to go in an entirely new direction. LQ Moon 4/4 at 14° Capricorn.

Hele pattern – the resolution point within the square between Vesta and the nodes of the moon is the North Node. Notice the supporting semi-sextiles between 9° Uranus and 9° Chiron (trauma and woundedness) along with 11° Saturn and 11° Moon (restrictions, boundaries possibly parental conditioning as it relates to who you believe to be your self (Ego.) 

This gets deep does it not?

There is also a Rosetta but I’m going to leave that off because frankly I think we have enough here to work with. I know these haven’t been the easiest of times for a lot of people and I empathize with you (believe me I am with you on that) but I know that we are getting closer to shifting the paradigm into a new reality that will expand to include compassion and reverence for our natural world. Bringing back with it a greater capacity to love one another (despite our differences.) 

In this new world may all being be free from the shackles of limiting believes, may all souls know that they are inherently good and thus worthy of love. May all beings experience a sense of purpose and belonging in their community and in the world. May every sentient being on Earth feel loved and protected with the right to exist and live without fear. Aho!

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