New Moon March Aries 4°

Just 5 days shy of the Vernal Equinox we watch the Sun and the Moon meet in the sky at 4° 12’ Aries on March 24th at 2:28 am PDT. When the luminaries travel together for a day our skies remain dark with little to no moonshine reaching our planet. It is normally a period of reset. A time to take stock and focus on the upcoming 28 day cycle. We are looking ahead these days. Mars energy is a forward thrust, it does not hesitate nor does it look back and reflect. 

Its Go-Go-Go and with Mars currently transiting Capricorn, snuggled up to Pluto and Jupiter there could be just a tinge of aggression in your actions or words. Where does Capricorn fall in your chart? That is the area where you have been feeling the most intense change as we experience a death of the old ways.  

Now is the time to operate out of the upper chakras, moving from a place of fear (root chakra) towards the heart (4th), throat (5th) and the 3rd eye (6th) chakra of intuition located in the space that sits between and just above your eyebrows.  

Each month during a New Moon I take time especially in the morning to check in with myself. Did I wake up feeling refreshed or anxious? Hopeful and ready to take action or am I ready to just crawl back under the covers? 

The type of energy you hold that day is said to remain with you the entire moon cycle so try and catch those negative feelings early shifting them towards something more neutral. If it feels to fake to pretend a smile then at least acknowledge them and send them into the ground to neutralize. In the wisdom of the ancient Incas they call this energy hucha.

So if you do only ONE THING to honor the New Moon, release any negativity you are carrying. Fill your heart with gratitude and thanks as you begin the next 28 day cycle.

To determine what sign the New Moon will occur, look to the Sun’s position on the zodiac wheel. The sign where the New Moon will occur usually follows the sign the Sun is in. There are a few astronomical exceptions when the sun is in late degrees of a sign and the new moon ends up in the next sign. 

With last weeks Vernal Equinox, we saw the Sun entered the sign of Aries, as I write this the Moon is in the final degrees of Pisces getting ready to meet up with the Moon in Aries.   

For his next New Moon get out your chart out and LOCATE 4° Aries, this will show you what house (I call the arena) where you’ll find the New Moon energy happening. 

The planets move counterclockwise (with exception of the Moon’s Nodes (the horseshoe like symbols) Notice the Moon at 26° Pisces, it will catch the sun later in the early morning hours of Tuesday for us here in the US.

Chart for now 3/23 10:28 am PDT

Another big player Saturn enters Aquarius  –> March 21, 2020

Over the weekend Saturn ingressed (moved in to) the sign of Aquarius where it will spend the next 2 and a half years!  Get ready for a new way of thinking, Saturn can represent the container in which your consciousness exists. Saturn hasn’t been in Aquarius since 1991-1993. This influence of building something solid with due diligence should help give us a leg up with the current COVID-19 challenge we/humanity (Aquarius) face.

We should also expect to see advancement in the area of homeopathic medicine (Chiron in Aries 2018-2027) along with advancements and breakthroughs (Uranus in Taurus 2018-2026) in medical technology geared towards helping mankind.

For you astrologers out there also note that Aires and Libra are intercepted. For the non-astrologers out there, the signs circled in blue are sandwiched in between two signs Pisces and Taurus, in this configuration they don’t rule a house giving them a special emphasis in the chart below. 

I feel there is a need to stress the importance of self reliance and self isolation. Your isolation (Aries intercepted) will benefit others (Libra.)  

Finding the New Moon in your chart

In the chart above I cast what we call a bi-wheel, the inner wheel is the natal chart and the outer wheel is cast for the New Moon 2:28 AM 3/24 PST in Orange, California, United States. The Sun and the Moon are circled. 

In this person’s chart the New Moon will be experienced in their 6th house, ruled by Virgo and is typified by acts of service. It can also be the arena of health. I would advise the person to be mindful of the connection between ’emotional stress’ and physical ailments. Could be that health issues result because of unresolved emotional pain or trauma. 

The new moon in the 6th (conjunct the natal Saturn 9° Aries) could be an opportunity to examine their personal routine. Are they taking steps to support good health (daily exercise, nutritious foods, supplements, sleep, meditation?) If no adjustment or effort is made you might see the effects of that come up again when the sun moves through their 12th house of Libra in 6 months time opposes their natal Saturn. 

So what do the different houses mean. This is another post for another day but for now I can give you a little ‘cheat sheet’ to help. Feel free to ask me questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to help guide. 

In the meantime breath relax and try to embrace this new season. Whether you are entering the harvest period (in the southern hemisphere) or witnessing the birth of Spring think about the ways in which you would like to create a new self. Maybe write down a list of the new attributes you would like to call in. At the same time you can also write a list of things you no longer wish to hold as yours. Release them back to gaia (earth, the great Mother, Pachamama) let her take any unwanted stuff you have no use for. Remember to thank her for her generosity, you can light a candle or pick a flower and lay it on the ground, pour a little bit of your beverage into the early offering her a sip. However you feel works is fine – there are NO RULES when it comes how you express your thankfulness. Isn’t that great? 

Many New Moon Blessings to you! 

Here are some resources for those of you new to astrology.

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