UPDATED (MAY 2021) We are now half way through our year long journey through The Moon is my Calendar.  I spontaneously decided to REOPEN ENROLLMENT for the remaining cycles at HALF OFF.  Enrollment also gives you immediate access to my private community Astro Circle and includes: monthly astrological guides, free Zoom events and the opportunity to meet and connect with  astro-curious peeps like yourself. The Moon is my Calendar meets 2x a month to connect and learn through the experience of journaling about our relationship (mental, physical & emotional) the lunar cycle. Personal chart interpretation questions welcomed!

CLASS FEE INCLUDES THE JOURNAL (s/h +tax incl.) $38 value

CLICK TO JOIN >> Moon Circle Pt. 2 (June – Nov 2021).

Next call is Tues. JUNE 8th 7:00 pm PDT.

“The moon has always marked the passage of time, waxing and waning with a steady rhythm. Awareness of the lunar phases brings us into a relationship with the radiance of the ☀️ Sun, the receptively of the 🌙 moon and the constant movement of cycles on earth 🌎.”      creator, April Miller McMurtry

JOIN OUR PRIVATE GROUP >> JUNE thru NOV and SAVE 50% was $300 now $149