Eclipse Season 2020

Today’s Full Moon happening at 12:12 PM PDT +7:00, on June 5th marks the official start of the 2020 Eclipse Season and although it is not a visible eclipse for us here in North America as it occurs during midday for us, its effects will still be widely felt by all. Take a look at the chart below for Los Angeles, CA.

What is a lunar eclipse?

Lunar eclipses happen when the Earth’s position is between the Sun and the Moon, casting a shadow that can appear red in color depending on Earth’s atmospheric conditions.

Another condition of an eclipse is the position of the Moon’s Nodes.

According to “for a lunar eclipse, the full moon must be, at most, 12.25 degrees of a node in order for it pass into the Earth’s shadow.”

Note the chart below showing the distance between the North Node and the Sun as well as the South Node and the Moon are just about 13 degrees apart.

One of the ways we learn about these astronomical events between the sun, and the moon is through observation and correlation. To help you understand how eclipses show up in your life, take a look below of the eclipses from the past 5 years.

Do any of them align with a significant event in your life?

At quick glance I can match a couple things from a marriage imploding (March 2016), a career change (August 2016), a separation (Feb 2017 – Lunar eclipse on my Leo Moon 22°), followed by a reconciliation a year later (Feb 2018 – Solar eclipse on my Aquarius Sun 24°), a broken bone (July 2019) to a 2 week illness (Jan 2020 plus the great Pluto/Saturn conjunction.)

And lets not forget the Solar Eclipse that happened on 12/26/2019 at 4° Capricorn, just as we were learning about this thing called corona virus.

When I started looking back even further I recently discovered that my daughter was born on a total solar eclipse. Lets just say her 14 year old response was less than enthusiastic. LOL.

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How does this effect me?

It can be said that a lunar eclipse is a more of an interpersonal experience as it reflects the fluidity and changeability of our emotions and our consciousness.

Look in your chart and find where 15° Sagittarius falls in your chart. If you don’t have a copy of your chart you can create a free one at ALABE or send me a message and I will email you one.

The house 15° Sagittarius falls in will tell you what area of your life you will feel the effects of the eclipse and the sign will tell you the flavor.

Donald Trump was born on a lunar eclipse at 21° Sagittarius, he will most definitely will be activated, for him 15° Sagittarius is in the 4th house (rootedness, family, the way we care for others), he has a birthday coming up next week as well so he’ll be experiencing a solar return as well, he could cat the chart for today like it is the first day of another 365 days to get an idea of his upcoming year.

Donald Trump Jun 14, 1946,
10:54 am EDT +4:00 Queens, New York

He will also experience more activation with the upcoming Solar NM Eclipse that happens at 0° Cancer, that will happen in his 11th, innovation, inventions, groups, collective consciousness istic, its also said the 11th can represent how one receives love (or lack of) from others. He’ll follow up with another Full Moon Lunar eclipse on 8/4 at 13° Capricorn which will fall in his 5th house of “see me” how you present your proud Leonian self and your talents to the world.

Watch for possible solutions that might be presented in response to both the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the the global outcry for immediate remediation of our correctional institutions that support systemic oppression of people of color. Can this President table his need for addulations and pride long enough to affect real change? We shall see.

Full Moon Aspects

There are a couple aspects of this full moon worth noting:

  • Sun Square Mars (First Quarter, applying)
    • Squares Neptune 6/10/20
  • Mercury Square Chiron (First Quarter, seperating)
  • Uranus semi-sextile Chiron (30° between them, applying)

I feel these aspects indicate a an undercurrent of spiritual evolution and healing during this lunation. Yes, there can be strife when we see planets involved in a T-Square which is a geometric pattern you get when you have planets that Square (90°) planets in Opposition (180°) Take a look below you see the Sun at 15° Gemini opposing the Moon at 15° Sagittarius, that pair is squared by Mars at exactly the same degree in Pisces.

The SUN with its powerful rays SHINES ITS LIGHT on THE FULL MOON ‘MIRROR’ assisting in ACTIVATING our INTUITION (Moon in Sagittarius) while ILLUMINATING A WAY to use OUR POWER and TAKE ACTION (SUN SQUARE MARS) .

This may feel a little confusing as the SUN makes a square aspect to NEPTUNE in a few days (6/10.) Mars in Pisces can make us feel like we are adrift in a sea of constant change. The key here is BALANCE. So if we feel like we’ve been treading water for too long, we embrace the polarity of the sign, in this case the opposite sign to Pisces is Virgo.

Try applying some of that Virgo discernement when trying to formulate your escape plan. Just make sure that you aren’t trying to ‘escape’ your reality with mind numbing choices. Neptune can have that influence as well, I just want to check out and do nothing.

Venus is currently in retrograde in Gemini, asking us to take a long look at what we value, and while we search to make sense of the events happening around us, we continue to consume information and media (very Mercury) and some of what we are seeing with the protests and acts of violence (against the protestors) and within urban cities here in the US is traumatic and deeply painful, CHIRON in Aries = personal wounding – SQUARING – MERCURY in Cancer = how much of this pain has been inherited through the generations?

You will see that theme up for RE-examination as Mercury goes retrograde June 17 through July 12th.

Transiting Uranus at 8° Taurus has experience in trauma and is making a tidy 30° aspect to Chiron, the semi-sextile may be just the feeling we need that all this struggle and strife the collective is feeling is helpig us move into a new paradigm! As hard as these times are, we might just be witnessing the birth of something profound and long overdue.

May the events of the past week be the catalyst for change that results in the eradication of all systemically oppressive and discriminatory institutons, laws and organizations.

In honor of this lunar eclipse and to show my support in fighting the war against systemic oppression and racial inequality I made a donation to the JUSTICE FOR BREONNA GOFUNDME campaign, as of 6/6 they have raised over 5 million dollars of the 500K goal. Her family is pursuing charges against the State of Kentucky and the members of law enforcement who were involved with the ‘no knock’ warrant at her home that resulted in a spray of bullets that took the life of Breonna Taylor.

image credits: lunar illustration © Morphart / Adobe Stock | Say Her Name Breonna Taylor © arielsinhaha / Instagram

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