Full Moon Aquarius 11°

Monday we have a Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius 11° 8:59 AM PDT. This lunation can have a humanitarian feel to it although “feeling” isn’t necessarily a word I might use to describe the Aquarian archetype. A better choice might be the word objective, the absence of being swayed by one’s emotions.

This can be a very liberating, imagine the kind of decisions you could make when you are able to leave the emotions out of the equation?

We don’t want to completely disassociate from our feelings, completely void of emotion like a head on a stick. Instead think about placing those emotions temporarily in a container, like a vessel that holds water.

The knowledge and skills we attained while scaling from the depths of the ocean all the way to the mountaintop (Capricorn) can then be distributed widely among the people. Completely liberating and revolutionizing the growth potential for all humankind.

We can do much more together, says Aquarius!

The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Mahatma Gandhi

Let the Full Moon illuminate the path forward that your Soul wants to take this next month as we head towards Virgo Season, a time to sharpen pencils and skills.

Full Moon Chart 8/3/2020

Mercury is also wrapping up his visit in Cancer, opposing Saturn 🪐 exactly at 27° Capricorn.

The aspect that I’m keeping my eye on is this Full Moon – Sun/Moon 11° Aquarius square Uranus 10° Taurus. Expect the unexpected with Uranus – let him open the door to new possibilities, new inspiration, new and unexpected forms that lead to enlightenment!


This past May I hosted a New Moon circle in our budding Astro Community and while I’ve tracked various projects/intentions before this level of scrutiny seemed to speed up time for me. I began to question the likelihood of an event transpiring in the same amount of days. Not everything will sprout – grow – blossom and be harvested in 29 days. This thought began my search for the larger cycles occurring outside of our shorter lunar months.

Could lunations be related to past and future events?

Turns out they are. I discovered the book Lunar Shadows by Dietrech Pressin that does into great detail about the symbiotic relationship between the human gestation cycle (9 lunar months) and lunations occuring within the same degree/sign within a period of four, 9 month cycles with the complete lunar cycle (NM, FQ, FULL, LQ) lasting 2.25 years.

Todays lunation [FM 11° Aquarius] is part of a lunar family that began February 4, 2019 [NM 15° Aquarius] and nine months later hit its First Quarter Square on November 4, 2019 [FQ 11° Aquarius.]

Todays Full Moon is the culmination of what was started on Feb. 4, 2019 and this larger lunar/gestational cycle will begin its wrap up period that lasts 9 month with the Last Quarter lunation on May 3, 2021 (13° Aquarius.)

I’m working on creating a seperate post about these larger cycles at work and I’ll share with you how some of them have played out fr me within the last 2 and a quarter years, you really have to see the accuracy to believe.

I’m also busy working on a 2021 Lunar Workbook that will help you reframe any current lunation into the larger cycles at work. Check back or better yet make sure you are on the LG Astro email list, I’ll send a notice and a special offer to subscribers first.

In the meantime if you are like me and love planners you might want to jot down a couple dates where we have some planetary action.


  • 8/3 Mercury (27° Cancer) opposes Saturn (27° Cap) – protesters vs. government  / sensitive Mercury might hear feedback from authority (Saturn) that it doesn’t like / are your messages being met with opposition?
  • 8/4 Mars (19° Aries) Square Jupiter Rx (19° Cap) – You might be feeling frustrated with a situation, or a feeling of being stuck? Like the FIRST QUARTER Moon Phase this is a period of ‘Crisis in Action’ whats being asked of us to change in order to move forward.
  • 8/4 Mercury enters Leo (until 9/5)
  • 8/5 Venus conjunct North Node in Gemini – is it time to realign your action (Mars) with your values?
  • 8/7 Venus enters Cancer a good time to enjoy cooking for yourself and others, explore ways in which you can nourish yourself.
  • 8/13 Mars (23° Aries) squares Pluto (23° Cap) :13 am PDT – first of 3 conjunctions due to Mars retrograde cycle (stating in Sept.) -future conjunctions 10/9 and 12/23.
  • 8/15 Uranus stations retrograde 10° Taurus (until mid Jan) – all the re- words including revolution apply including re-conditioning … Uranus wants to do something differently and in the sign of Taurus the themes are resources, another (re word!) there may be financial disruptors happening, something that causes you to reconsider how you define ‘security.’ Perhaps this is a time to build upon your inner security.
  • 8/17 Sun conjunct Mercury – ahhhh this brings some relief from the June/July eclipses. A good day to launch a proposal, new event or project.
  • 8/18 NM 7:41 PM 26° Leo – for extra efficacy wait until the Moon goes into Virgo (1:20 AM PDT) to do your NM ritual.
  • 8/22 Sun enters Virgo – I love this time of year, I feel so productive when I trade sleeping in for rolling up my sleeves to dig out from the piles I created over the summer. This year the back-to-school vibe will be noticeably different for those with school aged kids. We probably have to wait until Mars stations direct in January before heading back to the classroom.

I’ll be back this week to talk about the upcoming Uranus and Mars retrograde cycles. The universe is asking us to roll up our collective sleeves and get to work.

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If you have a chance this week make sure to go outside and check out the Moon along with Jupiter and Saturn in the evening sky. I’ve been spending a lot of time gazing above – lots of satellites criss crossing the skies as well, have you seen them too? Know that Pluto is right there behind Saturn adding to that “Covid Cluster” as astrologer Anne Ortelee likes to call the group, They make a beautiful stellar line across our summer sky here in the US.

Full Moon blessings to you.

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