Halloween Full Moon 8° Taurus

Today we have our second full moon this month, hence the term blue moon ,the first one was in Aries 9° when the Sun was in Libra (full moons happen in the opposite sign the Sun is in) so now that we are in full Scorpio season our full moon takes place in the opposite sign, Taurus, these two signs also represent the security axis in evolutionary astrology.

Today is special because the Full Moon falls on Halloween, the last time this occurred was 2001! Today is known by many other names including All Hallows Eve and the Gaelic tradition of Samhain (pronounced sow-win) a festival with pagan roots celebrated Oct 31 – Nov 1, welcoming in the dark half of the year. It’s the midpoint between the fall equinox and the winter solstice. During this time of year, hearth fires in family homes were left to burn out while the harvest was gathered.

Moon, Mars and Uranus

You may have noticed this week in the evening sky – the waxing moon has been conjunct (close to) Mars Rx at 16° Aries (its with Uranus right now) asking us how are we finding a new level of inner peace and inner self reliance for any Scorpio upset and soul searching moment.

Moon conjunct Uranus Rx both at 8° Taurus

There is a VERY BIG aspect happening as well this lunation that we can not ignore – the planet Uranus, bringer of change and new inventive solutions (think of Prometheus) is orbiting the same slice of sky as this mornings full moon.  

When we have the Sun shining on the Moon in Taurus we are being asked to look at ways in which we can deepen our self reliance (2nd House) and when Uranus is in the mix adding to the disruption of our perceived safety we may find our outer world changing in a way that challenges us to form an even deeper self reliance as we metamorphosize with each life changing experience.   

Uranus started his retrograde journey at 10° Taurus in August and stations direct Jan 14, 2021 at 6° Taurus – Uranus retrogrades for 5 months every year, moving 4° degrees backwards in a sign.  

Look in your chart – any planets between 6°-11° of the fixed signed TAURUS – LEO – SCORPIO – AQUARIUS – will feel the sun Uranus opposition.

Uranus retrograde can add those Ah Ha! moments, visions, understandings or light bulb moments – have you had any this week? 

Neptune close to squaring the nodes

In addition to this full moon Neptune is getting close to squaring nodes – Nep is within 2° of the moons nodes (read more here about the nodes)  – the square will happen JAN 26 when Neptune is at 19° Pisces, by then Neptune will also be direct as it stations direct later this month on November 28. 

Neptune squaring the Nodal Axis is asking us where is the ULTIMATE level of truth – who is playing into victim who is actually experiencing real victimizations in this world?

Neptune is currently squaring the nodes of Donald Trump who just had a nodal return on October 29th, he is walking through a potential for all of us – where are you in denial? Where are you neglecting and escaping reality, head in the sand the distortion of Neptune.

Are you seeing the forest (Sagittarius) through the trees (Gemini) ?

Mercury still Rx and stations on the US Election day most likely adding to the confusion. If the winner is unclear we might expect a decision or a result finalized when Mars goes direct on November 13. Conversely if the winner is declared we could see law suits filed as Mars goes direct. 

Mars is backing of the squares of the ‘Covid cluster’ and Mars will have Dec/Jan final square after Mars stations direct – he passed and squares that Capricorn bunch once more – will this bring a third wave? We are still in a period of reviewing what is best for me in the changing realities – Mercury is helping with that as well as he traverses Libra territory. 

Tomorrow Venus 6° Libra OPP Chiron 6° Aires where am I wounded? Lashing out? Blaming others? Can you look in the mirror and contemplate how your involvement puts you in a position of cocreation in the pain and sufferings? 

Venus in Libra is weighing the scales, asking us to speak up and express our souls desire (Mars.) On 11/1 Mercury is also making a Last Quarter square to Saturn in Capricorn, can bring messages around limitations and responsibility. 

We also have the upcoming third and final Jupiter/Pluto conjunction (11/12) – the last two happened last April and June, check back next week and I’ll dive deeper but in the meantime look at your calendar – anything stick out during those two months?   


Tonight is a great night to do some ritual work around release. What have you been holding on to for the past 2.5 years. Each lunation is part of a LARGER lunar cycle that lasts 2.5 years (Lunar Phase Family.)

What you started May 2019 is reaching its fruition at today’s Full Moon Opposition. Here is a look at the entire lunation cycle that happens within the same degrees of Taurus:

  • New Moon 14° 10′ Taurus on May 14, 2019
  • First Quarter 12° 39′ Taurus on February 1, 2020
  • Full Moon 8° 38′ Taurus on October 31, 2020
  • Last Quarter 8° 33′ Taurus on July 31, 2021 

This moon cycle will come to its end nine months later where it will begin anew with the New Moon 10° 28′ Taurus April 30, 2022. 

May you feel abundantly loved and safe this full moon! And don’t forget to put those crystals out tonight for a nice moon bath, I might also place a blow with water along with my rocks to fill it with some Taurus energy and then saved for the Last Quarter lunation next July. 

I’m wearing my lunar talisman made by @DavidWeitzman this particular piece of jewelry was made right after my dad transitioned from this earthly realm, I plan on connecting with him later in the quiet hours of the night if not just to tell him how much I love and miss his physical presence. 

This Venus/Moon talisman has its own chart too, and when it was made the Taurus Moon was at 19 degrees trining my Pluto (22 Virgo) and Venus (22 Capricorn) My relationships run deep and are completely transformation (just the way this Scorpio rising likes them!)  

Full moon blessings to you all! 

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