Jupiter Direct 17° Capricorn

For the past 6 months we have had 6 planets retrograding, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron, and now seven if you add Mars but as of 9/12 Jupiter returns to a direct motion leaving us with 6 inwardly reflecting.

Here are some dates for you from Wikipedia, and because we demoted Pluto and Chiron is an asteroid they are not included in their table so I’ll add below.

from Wikipedia

Pluto stationary (retrograde) Apr 25 / stationary direct Oct 4 Chiron stationary (retrograde) Jul 11 / stationary (retrograde) Dec 15

So even though collective we’ve been experiencing tension with some of the personal planets lately, Mars squaring the Capricorn bunch (Jupiter, Saturn Pluto) we are going to get a little relief from the outer planets as they proceed to return to an apparent forward motion.

The first to lead us forward is Jupiter. Most people love Jupiter, they want to know everything about this benefic and if they know a little about its 12 year cycle they most likely know and anticipate the year when Jupiter transits their second house, the place of getting our most basic needs met (shelter, food, clothing) and how they get those things met … especially the financial aspect.

I too can say I have always benefited from a second house Jupiter transit, those are the years I earned the highest income and subsequently put on the most weight, but that can be the leftovers from Jupiter transiting the first. Sometimes a little too much of something can be a bad thing.

I have also learned from my teachers that Jupiter can also sweep through a house and blow shit up! Seriously. It can expand your world so fast you won’t know what hit you. When the dust settles you aren’t the same person you once were and that’s a good thing. Sometimes we need a little chaos and drama to shake and awaken us to a deeper truth.

The moral of the story, each planet can be described as “good” or “bad” however you define those words, try to remember the idea at your reality is experienced based on your beliefs, in other words your reality is personal and highly subjective. The way I observe and experience a Jupiter transit isn’t going to be the same way you experience it, but we may share similar experiences, commonalities that help us define and understand the Jupiter Sagittarius (♐︎) archetype.

Sagittarius – Johfra Bosschart

That is why it is so important in the practice of astrology that we remain as neutral as possible when ascribing meaning to planets, using the method of observation and correlation to corroborate planetary movement and human experience. Its a very Gemini thing, to want to know the truth in order to integrate into the world around them which continues to expand and evolve in its polarity sign, Sagittarius. Where we take that learned knowledge, those lessons experienced and go even further into Universal truth, Natural Law, that which can’t be changed, the path of the Guru.

We can utilize that forward momentum letting Jupiter usher us into new realms where we expand beyond our current limitations.

Upcoming transits you might want to jot down on your calendar:

SEP 17 – NM 25° 0′ VIRGO 4:00 am PDT

SEP 22 – Sun LIBRA

SEP 28 – Saturn SD 25° CAP 10:36 pm PDT

OCT 1 – FM 9° 8′ ARIES

Have a great week and I’ll be back with a couple post about the upcoming Virgo New Moon (9/12) and something I learned about recently called Granddaddy Days.

All for always,

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