Lunar Nodes in Gemini / Sagittarius

Not familiar with the Lunar Nodes? They are the pair of glyphs you see in the chart that look like horseshoes. They represent two points in the sky and are ALWAYS exactly opposite of one another.

The nodes come from the ancient symbol the Ouroboros (oura = tail, bora = food) the image of the dragon or snake eating its own tail. The head of the snake represents the North Node, known in Vedic Astrology as Ketu. The tail represents the South Node, known as Rahu. A symbol often used to represent the idea of a cycle with no beginning and no end. The cycle of a year, the circle of life, infinity.

The nodes are not planets, but two points in the sky where the lunar ecliptic path crosses the ecliptic plane of the earth’s orbit around the sun, the ascending (North) and descending (South). The two points move in a retrograde motion, occasionally stationing (appearing to stand still.)

When the Lunar Nodes are near a New or Full Moon we will experience a lunar or solar eclipse here on Earth.

The nodal axis is represented by both North and South Nodes are always in the tension of the present moment (the Moon.)  The retrograde mean motion represents leaving the past behind and moving forward.

The nodal axis moved into Gemini / Sagittarius on May 5th – because the mean motion is retrograde the nodes enter a sign at the last degree 29 (each sign is 29° degrees and 59 minutes).

The nodal axis is highlighted in the chart below.

So what does this mean?

The South Node represents our past security.  We project the past forward in order to feel secure.

In the sign of Sagittarius we could say, collectively this is an opportunity to work through the ways in which we remain comfortable in old patterns, beliefs or philosophies.  Have we let them create a limited view or restrict the possibility of something new a different?

The North Node with its path toward emotional growth and evolution. Includes Darma, responsibility and developing new egoic skills on a very conscious level.

The planetary rulers of the Nodes show the issues.

Let Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius expand your awareness around what is of value to you (where Jupiter is located in your chart!) Do the old ways still work for society? In what ways do holding on to old patterns keep us locked into there is only ONE way of being, doing or thinking. The distortion of Sadge can be a limited view, like having blinders on, a fundamentalist view point.

Watch Mercury, ruler of Gemini bring an uptick in the dissemination of new information, discoveries and new technology (especially with Saturn just entering the fixed air sign of Aquarius.) In order to make use of the new “science and data” stuff you will continue to read/hear (esp about COVID-19) will require the process of synthesis in order to make use of learned information. 

Potential pitfalls? Too much information. The antidote? embrace its polarity, in this case the sign of Sagittarius. That means more time our in nature, natural law, intuition and meditation.

Ironically my message to my online community is to get offline!

Last month we were talking about when we thought the peak of COVID was going to happen and I brought up what many astrologers were talking about, Chiron was squaring the Moon’s nodes. That square aspect (90°) highlights repeating patterns bringing tension, frustration, feelings of being squeezed and the need for change. Like I said before, we project the past forward in order to feel secure.  Can we get uncomfortable long enough to “see” the ways in which our current belief system does not serve (in our growth) anymore?

Something to think about.

🌕🦂 Scorpio Full Moon blessings to you! 


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