New Moon 2° Gemini

Happy New Moon in Gemini

This new moon occurs at 10:36 am (PDT) today in the sign of Gemini at 2° as if we didn’t have enough Gemini energy already with the Sun, North Node, Venus and  Mercury getting cozy in the mutable air sign. If you happen to have a clear view of the night sky this evening close to the Western horizon you should be able to see both Venus and Mercury as they conjoin in the sky about an hour after sunset (they both are at 20° Gemini.)

Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury in Roman Mythology was the son of Zeus and Pleid Maia who is the oldest of the Pleiades, in the sky you know them as the Seven Sisters. In Greek mythology we know as Hermes the Messenger of the Gods, brother to Apollo, trixter for stealing his cows. To the Egyptians he is known as Thoth, messenger and son of Marduk. He often carried a money bag as he rules commerce and trade. One of 12 Olympians but the only one with the ability to travel between both the upper and the lower worlds, he was also a psychopomp, one who ushers souls to the underworld. He was a known as a healer and often carried a caduceus, a staff with intertwined serpents.

‘Mercury inventing the caduceus’ – Henri Chapu (1860) Louvre

I am a big Mercury fan, in the Spring of 2018 while travelling to Paris I dashed from museum to museum looking for astrology depicted in the arts.  The picture below is of the ceiling in the Mercury Room, a room within Louis XIV’s Château de Versailles – Mercury is being pulled by two Roosters and you can see the two zodiac signs he rules depicted above, the Twins, Gemini and the Virgin, Virgo. Check out the detail on Google’s Arts & Culture version.

Mercury Room / Kings Apartments Château de Versailles

Chart for 5/22/20 Los Angeles, CA 6:36 am PDT


There is a lot of Gemini energy happening with this lunation. I covered a little bit of that in the Venus/Gemini Retrograde post last week.

The Gemini New Moon is part of a greater cycle called the Metonic Cycle a period of 19 calendar years (235 lunar months), after which the new and full moons return to the same (or nearly the same) dates of the year.

The last time we had a 0° Gemini New Moon was May 22, 2001. 

Chart for 5/22/01 Los Angeles, CA 4:13 am PDT

Dates related to this New Moon:

NEW MOON – May 22, 2020  2°  Gemini

FIRST QUARTER – February 19, 2021  1°  Gemini

FULL MOON – November 19, 2021  27°   Taurus

LAST QUARTER – August 19, 2022  26°   Taurus

Take a moment and think back to what your life was like in May of 2001.

We had just finished our backyard having moved into our home Labor Day of 2000. My little Gemini baby was about to turn 4, about to graduate from preschool. I don’t have a lot of photos on my computer because, well everything was on fim back then. Maybe that’s a good project to tackle during this next metonic cycle (2020-2022.)

These are the kind of things to be thinking about. Ask yourself what do you want to bring into manifestation with this next two and half year cycle?


The first half of 2020 leading up to the Summer Solstice (June 20th) has been a time where we personally and collectively have experienced great shifts in our not only lives (hello pandemic!) but also in our mental awareness as well. How many of us have felt like we’ve just done the readers condensed version of years of living.  We’ve had to assimilate, adjust and now pivot … all in the span of just a few months.

What now?

This New Moon is providing us with the invitation (in the spirit of Mercury) check in with yourself, your relationships and your priorities. Asking the questions … So what now?  What kind of NEW REALITY do I want to CREATE for the next two and a half years? This idea or project will follow the same cycle as represented by a monthly cycle and the phases, NEW | FIRST QTR | FULL | LAST QTR.

What we decide to create in 2020 will evolve along this timeline:

  1. INCEPTION NEW BEGINNING (New Moon – May 2022)
  2. IN ACTION, MANIFESTING (1st Quarter – FEB 2021)
  3. CULMINATION (Full Moon – NOV 2021)
  4. CONTEMPLATION – do you still want to move forward with this idea? (Last Quarter – AUG 2022)

I’ll come back to this idea of greater cycles at work in a later post, right now my Gemini fueled mind has me running down too many rabbit holes. This is the potential area where we can get tripped up in Gemini Season. Reminds me of the 1993 Duran Duran song Too Much Information. When it’s all too much, embrace Gemini’s polarity = Sagittarius, get outside, be in nature and if you have the chance to travel, even if its it a road trip to the beach or mountains, do that.

Mercury will help you find the words while Sadge can provide the intuitive hits.

Like all New Moons keep your mindset in check today, cultivate the feeling you’d like to experience the rest of the lunar cycle. If you experience anything less than acceptance and calm today simply take a moment and acknowledge whatever ill you are experiencing (sadness, anger, aggravation, disappointment, frustration) and simply say to yourself, “Ok I acknowledge the _____ I am experiencing, thank you for bringing that awareness within me. I’m choosing to let that go today and forgiving others or myself for whatever situation caused those emotions to arise.” Then you could offer a positive statement to confirm the shift you’d like to create in your awareness.

Day by day, in every way, I’m getting better.

– Émile Coué de la Châtaigneraie

Write your lists, light a candle, journal, dig in the dirt, read a book, gets some fresh air anything that stimulates the connection between the heart (Sadge) and mind (Gemini).  Go easy on yourself, with all the current planets in retrograde Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and soon to be Mercury and Neptune we might want to lower our expectations of ourselves and others. Most of us here in the US in states with large metropolitan areas we find ourselves in that liminal space between reopening and full stop. Now there’s a good retrograde word, re-open.

It might be that we need to take a few steps forward along with a few back in order to get our footing on more equal ground (Virgo.) Tap into some of that Venusian energy and bring some love into the rough spots of your life.

A new plant in your windowsill or your shelf might give you just the lift you need to see things in a new more hopeful way. I know I need that kind of prod this week with Mars sludging along in Neptune. Its all too easy these days to just want to check out. But I encourage you to put the phone down and roll up your sleeves, clean out a room (or three in my case), cook something delicious, plant a magical sunflower anything that brings a smile to your face! Enjoy the month and I’ll see you back in a week when we look ahead to the mid point of this cycle, the Full Moon, and a special one at that – we will have a Lunar Eclipse in the sign Sagittarius.

I found a free Moon Planner resource for this month from –  Note: the planner uses calculations based on sidereal time so if you want that version click on website URL and download directly. For those of you who use the tropical I updated the sheet, changed the time to PDT and added thumbnail charts for each phase click here >> Lunar Planner Moon Cycle May 2020 PDT.

The 2 page worksheet will take you through the entire 8 phases of the lunar cycle. Try taking one thought, idea or project and work it through the 8 upcoming cycles. Want more detail on the 8 phases as they apply to Evolutionary Astrology? Check out this PDF The 8 Gates by Mark Jones.

Anyone want to play along with us leave a comment or better yet come join our little community >>  Astrology Circle you can chat with me online there as well!

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