New Moon 25° Virgo

Here we are again! Doesn’t that 28 day lunar cycle come up again quick? In the early morning hours of Thursday we have a very precise and auspicious New Moon. Precise in that it is making almost an exact square to the Lunar Nodes at 24° Gemini (NN) and 24° Sagittarius (SN). Auspicious as it pings a degree of Virgo that is very conducive to the healing modality.

The moon moves rather quickly, 1 degree every 2 hours, that means by the time you are reading this the moon has most likely have already moved into the sign of Libra and where the luminary will be joined with Mercury, which in my opinion works very well since Virgo is ruled by the outer side of Mercury (ideas, improvements, organization and work in the world.) The theme this cycle is self-improvement which the current Mars Rx in Aries is positioned to help with the inward turn.

New Moon Square Nodes

In 2020 the lunar nodes headed into Gemini and Sagittarius on an 18 months journey to show where we are stuck or clinging to a belief for security reasons.

The North Node (NN) in Gemini wants to move us forward, prompting us to examine everything in order to determine who’s telling the truth and who is not, this is assisting in our mission to locate the weakest link.

Holding a magnifying glass to help us examine our belief system is the South Node (SN) in Sagittarius. Past dynamics come up for review and we may be rethinking what we believe in. What role did your parents, family, preachers, teachers, society and even media inform you.

Grand Mutable Cross

Locate the sign of Virgo in your chart, notice if the SUN/MOON conjunction is activating other planets or angles, also check for planets in the other mutable signs: Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces. Those planets will be impacted by this planetary pattern that assists in activating us to recognize all that needs to change.

Involved in the Grand Mutable Cross is ♆ Neptune Rx as it is opposed by the New Moon and then Sun by itself, adding to the confusion with its fog…. or smog in our case. Things are murky with Neptune and they are probably that way for a reasons unbeknownst to us. Take your time in your discernment, connect back to your center, know thy self.

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Mercury making a last quarter square to Jupiter the first of our outer planets who will be stationing direct now until the first week of October. You can read more about Jupiter stationing here. Jupiter brings that expansion energy, who knows what you might encounter when you go digging for more information. Maybe you uncover something you didn’t know about yourself? Mercury, the winged footed messenger of the Gods, can quickly drop the inte’ so pay attention to those intuitive hits this week. Virgo archetype break up our beliefs attitudes – move us towards further investigation – helps us work through this.

Virgo New Moon Ideas

Dream Journal – are your dreams sending you messages? The Sun is now in a wider orb of opposing Neptune Rx, perhaps illuminating some buried parts of self that are ready to be released in order for you to remove blocks helping the mind to increase or expand awareness around self or other.

I will always safely burn a little palo santo* but I want to bring attention about a movement to educate the public about the increase in unethical harvesting and selling of Palo Santo – ‘magical stick’ (and white sage.) Here is a link to an article on Why We Need To Stop Buying Palo Santo that shares its concerns over predicted shortages and cultural appropriations associated with capitalizing on another’s sacred practice. I purchase my ritual tools from Shamans Market where they do carry sage and a limited amount of Ecuadorian Palo Santo.

Candles – a must for me especially during the darkest phase of the lunar cycle.

Social Media Break – think you can’t? try what my sister and I did within days of one another – drop our phones in water. For the record I was under the impression that I could do this. Turns out you can’t and I was offline for a few days.

Get outside in nature, get quite, silence the noise so you can hear your own thoughts, tune in to your intuition. That’s what the Virgo archetype energy assists with attune and discern. What needs purging?


I discern with intuitive wholeness

— Evolutionary Astrology Network

Write down a few intentions you’d like to work on bringing into existence over the next 29 days as well as the next 2.5 years, remembering that each lunation is a part of a larger cycle at work called a Lunar Phase Family. So what you start now finishes in 2023.

Lunar Phase Family

Lunar PhaseDateDegree / Sign
New MoonSEPTEMBER 17, 202027° 0′ VIRGO
First QuarterJUNE 18, 202127° 9′ VIRGO
FullMARCH 18, 202227° 40′ VIRGO
Last QuarterDECEMBER 16, 202224° 21′ VIRGO
source: Lunar Shadows III by Dietech Pessin

Upcoming Transits

SEPT 21 – Mercury 22° Libra squares the Capricorn Stellium, *Pluto exact 22 Virgo

SEPT 22 – Fall Equinox – Sun in Libra

SEPT 23 – Mercury 26° Libra enters its pre-retrograde shadow + mercury square saturn

SEPT 24 – Mercury 26° Libra opposes Mars Rx 26 Aries

SEPT 28 – ♄ Saturn stations direct 25° Capricorn

OCT 4 – Pluto stations DIRECT 22° Virgo

OCT 13 – Mercury stations RETROGRADE 26° Libra

note: Around the Fall Equinox (N America) Mercury in Libra will oppose Mars Rx in Aries (news about Covid-19? second wave? vaccination problems? – both SQUARE the Capricorn Stellium as the Sun 0° Libra opposes Chiron at 26 Aries.

This new moon lets all pray for peace as we ask for assistance in helping us build new realities! Watch as consensus consciousness authoritarian figures make one last final grab, like a fish taking its last gulp of air.

I also want to invite you to join our free astro community – this is my answer to cultivating something online that feels a little more intimate. Membership is currently free – this week I used one of our community members natal chart and did a mini interpretation for her.

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