New Moon 26° Leo

On August 18th we will begin another lunar cycle with the New Moon in Leo at 26 degrees that happens at 7:41 PM PDT.

Featured below are Hubert and Kaliska (1998/99 – 2020) I wanted to pay tribute to the bonded pair who at the age of 21, were recently euthanized after age related ailments diminished their quality of life. Image: LA Zoo.

Lions and lionesses alike are social animals, family comes first then community, often living in a group or pride. Did you know all the females in a pride are usually related? Males stay for a couple years and then move on or are evicted. So how does this relate to astrology?

New Moon Chart – 7:41 PM PDT – 18 AUG 2020

Leo Archetype

Along our evolutionary path, the archetype of Leo represents that moment where we come out to the world having established our roots in Cancer. It is a time to take stage and present the world your gift.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, the solar lifeforce we all carry within. A New Moon occuring in a Fire sign like Leo can help bring awareness, liberating our heart! It wants to rebirth our solar/lunar relationship with Self.

Let the Sun shine some light on the things that are holding you back from loving yourself 100% without conditions. Like a child’s love for a parent or that Leonian love you feel from your beloved pet.

LEO – painted by Johfra Bosschart

According to the fathers of modern day astrology like Dane Rudhyar, each zodiac sign represents a point in development along a cycle which begins and ends with 0° Aries. The zodiac sign of Leo is at a point on that cycle where its almost half way to completion, there is a certain waning aspect about it, a ramping down or turning inwards.

That may not intuitively speak to what you think the sign of Leo is all about but when you go back and take a look at our development from Aries/Ram to Taurus/Bull to Cancer/Crab to Leo/Lion and Virgo/Virgin and so on… it will make sense.

We evolve through our 4th House FEELINGS (Cancer) while learning what it means to be part of a family the social requirements that come with it. We then move on the evolutionary journey as we start to realize that we are separate from our family, much like the teenager who at age 14 goes through their first Saturn opposition, if you have had a teen you know the battle, us versus them, youth vs. old. *raises hand

We began to discover our individuality through our EMOTIONS (Leo) as a result of the feelings experienced. When those emotions arise it helps to reorient the person back to self, what is my specialness? This sign is loaded with creativity and a love for play. Sometimes there can be overcompensation by an individual who feels insecure and when that happens watch out or should I say hear me roarrrrrrr!

Leo themes for the New Moon

  • Romance
  • Creativity
  • Playfulness
  • Determination
  • Reigning in the Ego

Lunar Family Group

This New Moon begins a larger lunar cycle that will unfold over the next 2.25 years. Events that happen this week will be related to the future lunar cycles listed below:

FIRST QTR – May 19, 2021 29° Leo

FULL MOON – Feb 16, 2022 27° Leo

LAST QTR – Nov 16, 2022 24° Leo

NEW MOON – Aug 16, 2023 23° Leo

That means whatever you started this New Moon will come to its first adjustment point, what Dane Rudyard referred to as “Crisis in Action” on May 19, 2021. A point in its gestation where you might meet resistance and need to make some changes.

What you start THIS WEEK comes to FRUITION February 16, 2022.

SABIAN SYMBOL 27° Leo – Daybreak

When determining which Sabian symbol to read you take the degree the planet or luminary is in and move ahead +1° to the next degree. For this new moon at 26° (degrees) 35′ (minutes) Leo we read 27° Leo.


I’ll go into Sabian Symbols more in a seperate post soon. I recently discovered the works of James Burgess and his explanations are quite thorough if you want to get a head start. Basically each degree of the wheel has a hidden message/meaning and all 360 positions and their interpretations represent life’s lessons, the golden rule.

New Moon Rituals – Leo

New Moons are always an opportune time to make a wish list, but before you do here are a couple things to remember.

  • Make sure when you are starting a New Moon ritual not to begin until the exact lunation – up to 8 hrs after.
  • Make sure that the Moon hasn’t entered a period where it isn’t making any aspects to any planetary bodies, this is called Void of Course. Look for the acronym VOC on your Moon Calendar. ex: tonight’s Leo New Moon goes VOC at 10:38 PM PST and stays “suspended” for a few hours until 1:20 AM PST 8/19.
  • Keep with the theme of the sign and its ruling planet- If it’s in a fire sign, burn some incense, light a candle like Moon Phase by Deux Moons, find flowers for your alter that reflect the season, Sunflowers will be my choice tonight on this Leo NM.
  • Use a calendar or journal my current favorite >> The Rainbow Vision 12 month Planner. Use anything just make sure its PEN and PAPER no lists on your phone or computer. Take the time to really think and craft what it is you want to call into your life. Intention is everything.
The Stars Divine Deck

Here’s my New Moon set up, I love this deck from The Lioness Oracle, I pulled the Tenth House Card because that’s where the New Moon is, infact its conjunct my 23 natal Leo Moon so I am F-E-E-L-I-N I-T! Lots of astrology planning and development in the works! Its probably hard to tell from the photo but she used the vintage image David Bowie – a Sun, Mars, Mercury Capricorn which rules the 10th house.

Other aspects happening this week:

  • Uranus stationed retrograde at 10° Taurus on 8/15. This is all about reviewing what makes you feel free and independent. Are you quieting yourself somehow? Sitting on the sidelines?
  • Mars in Aries trined Mercury in Leo a few days ago. Are you getting any messages about what you need to take care of? Mars is the leading edge of the Soul and its desire to evolve. Before Mars goes retrograde Sept. 9th you might want to check in with yourself and ask – WHAT IS THE MOST PRESSING THING I NEED TO ADDRESS RIGHT NOW. Keep up with Mars, don’t let yourself be dragged by his energy KEEP UP!
  • Mercury enters the sign of Virgo 9/19
  • Sun enters Virgo Saturday 9/22. YES! YES! YES! Virgo says to Leo oh hey, its not all about you, here let me show you the ways in which you could do better. Virgo inverts the pyramid and suddenly what was on top is now on the bottom. I look forward to this time of the year when we return to some of our routines, I know things are far from normal this year. I can’t wait to talk more about this archetype as I have NN, Eris and Saturn in the 6th house.

Enjoy the new moon this evening and remember to postpone your rituals until tomorrow morning when the moon is not VOC and in the sign of Virgo.

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