Scorpio Season

This is the time of year when here in North America the days are noticeably shorter and the evenings a bit cooler. Longer shadows and rustling leaves usher us even further towards the season of death and decay and in the darkness of night the constellation Scorpio is on the rise chasing Orion and his dog Sirius towards a disappearing horizon.


Let me preface this by saying that among all the various writings and reflections to be had about the origin of the Scorpio archetype, the thread that runs through them include words, in our current reality, that reflect scorpionic energy like power, choice making, transformation, crisis and commitment.

Greek mythology involves Artemis (Roman equivalent of triple deity Diana) Apollo’s twin sister, daughter of Zeus and Leto was portrayed by the Greeks as the huntress with her bow and arrow and pack of dogs, she was also known as the goddess of fertility who protected children and women in childbirth.

She was one of the three maiden goddesses of Olympus: the pure maiden Vesta, gray-eyed Athena who cares but for war and the arts of the craftsmen, and Artemis, lover of woods and the wild chase over the mountain.

Chastity was important to Artemis and to remain ‘pure’ she asked Zeus to grant her permanent virginity. She was happy to hunt alone and did so often as a necessity to help keep the balance between the animals. She lived in harmony with nature and the animal kingdom within it.

In Rome she is known as the triple deity Diana, who befriends fellow hunter Orion, who claims to be a better huntsman and sets out to wipe out all the animals, in a fitful rage she slays him, another poet describes his death by stinger after Orion betrays her, sleeping with the virgin goddess Opis.

Daniel Seiter’s 1685 painting of Diana over Orion’s corpse, before he is placed in the heavens.

In Greek literature when Orion tries to rape Artemis she conjures up a scorpion that emerges out of the depths of the ocean killing Orion and his dog. Orion gains mortality and becomes a constellation in the night sky, and his dog became Sirius, the dog star.

“In the later poets, Artemis is identified with Hecate. She is “the goddess with three forms”, Selene in the sky, Artemis on earth, Hecate in the lower world and in the world above when it is wrapped in darkness. Hecate was the Goddess of the dark of the Moon, the black nights when the moon is hidden. She was associated with deeds of darkness, the Goddess of the Crossways, which were held to be ghostly places of evil magic.” –

During this period we are being asked to do some personal inventory taking, especially with Mars and Mercury both in retrograde motion, revisit the idea of personal power – where is that coming from, do you place that outside yourself or from within? Maybe its time to redefine the source, hint: it’s not outside and it is ultimately greater than you (just ask a Virgo.)

How can we explore this?
How deep of a dive depends on where you are at along our evolutionary journey. If all of these ideas of exploring your inner world are new to you then you might want to start with some basic tools to help you connect on that deeply interpersonal level.

One of the first books that helped me orientate my inner landscape (as well as serving as a guidepost along my way to becoming a counseling astrologer) was Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck, Diana Herself, the Allegory of Awakening is also a great book that invokes the muse within in a deeper journey of self exploration.

Those of you who have been on the path with a desire to go further might want to explore (in a vetted, safe and supported method) what Carl Jung called Shadow Work. Recovering and integrating both light/dark aspects of our personality in an attempt to make the unknown known, make the unconscious, conscious (Uranus.)

Experiences in our past (and this extends to include past lives) or parts of ourselves that we refuse to accept can get sent to its own purgatory, pushed down into the realm of of the subconscious (think of the elevator scenes in the movie Inception.)

Inception – Warner Bros. Pictures

These rejected parts of ourselves and perceived limitations unconsciously take control of the wheel, driving us to make choices that keep us inline with our limiting beliefs about ourselves.

Suppression is also a way to keep the soul from evolving, thwarting the necessary change that needs to happen out of fear represented as the unknown.

Through an experience EMDR or regression therapist some are able to free themselves from the chains that bind them to certain behaviors (thought to be driven by unconscious beliefs.) SPOLIER ALERT In the movie Inception, it was Leonardo’s regret that he was trying to release on various levels.

It is not a journey for the meek and highly advise you work with a licensed therapist if you want to explore this realm. Like the film still above suggests, use the buddy system.

MANTRA: I metamorphose myself with evolving self-reliance.


GLYPH: Scorpion Stinger



PLANETARY GLYPH: Pluto holding a bident (2 prong pitchfork)






MYTH: Artemis conjures up a scorpion out of ocean to kill Orion and his dog Sirius.

KEYWORDS/Phrases: Unconscious desires, internal confrontation, desire to be secure via the past, Empowerment, Sex, Soul mates, Change, Secrets, Taboo, Restoration, Forgiveness, Psychology, Suspicion, Power, Taxes, Debts, Inheritance, Commitment, Self discipline, Risk taking, Aware of others needs, Crisis Skills, Financial Partnerships

PARTS OF THE BODY: Sexual organs, Bladder

chart info: October 22, 2020, 4:00 pm PDT, 0° Aries ascendant

This weeks chart we still are under the influence of the cluster in Capricorn – Mars had been in square to all of those heavy hitters while opposing the sun ( I know of two people who experienced the lost of someone they loved) And now Jupiter has now moved into its second square with Mars – the final square occurring Jan. 23. 2021. If you have planets or the angels are between 15-25 degrees of the cardinal cross (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) you are feeling it!

When does it ease up?

OCT 31 – Full Moon in Taurus (9 deg) conjunct Uranus exact – expect sparks to fly and Mercury is building up to station direct …
NOV 1 – Venus in Libra opposite Chiron Rx in Aries helping us heal our wounds
NOV 3 – Mercury in Scorpio stationing (on US Elections) INTENSE INTENSE INTENSE folks… buckle up!
NOV 14 – Mars stations and then goes direct – we might receive official results of election that day.

Hope everyone has a great weekend – we have the Moon (FIRST QUARTER) in Aquarius and we are actually predicted to have our first rain (yes !! water!!) in what feels like years (Saturn – dryness.)

I can’t wait although my yard is currently a big dirt mess, this week we had a few of our beloved 20+ year old trees removed. As much as I loved these trees wand the shade and gorgeous color changing leaves they provided, eventually they outgrew their space and were beginning to cause damage to not only the pipes (water) but to the house itself. Never underestimate the power of roots!

I’m going to spend some time outside making peace with my garden, clearing the old away for something new to be planted soon.

and remember . . . please!

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