Venus Retrograde May 2020

I’m going to focus on Venus in this article but its key to understand that the other heavy hitters also retrograding will have an impact on the way we manage the Venus in Gemini energy over for the next 5 weeks. I’ll give you a formula based on locating where 20° Gemini is located in your natal chart that will help you focus in on the area (as represented by the house) where the retrograde happens. Need a free chart? Try Time Passages App, Astro Gold or I’m feeling generous these days so might as well ask me for help, I’d be happy to, use this GOOGLE Form.

We will also look at the broader strokes that this time period initiates within the collective by looking at a chart cast for May 21, 2020 in Los Angeles. I hope by showing you this you can see how to blend the two interpretations (personal and collective) to provide you with as much insight as you can on how to best tap into this OPPORTUNITY.

Yep even times of retrogrades can offer us opportunities for growth and change.

Here are the dates to jot down. If you know me I like to use one of those GIANT desk calendars – this one is my favorite.


May 13 – station retrograde 21° Gemini

June 24 – stations direct 5° Gemini

Aug. 7 – enters the sign of 0° Cancer

Click here >> Retrograde Dates_May 2020 to view or download a PDF with the rest of the dates for Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune.

How I work with Retrogrades

Start with the formula:  Planet (what) + Sign (how) + House (where)

ADD the retrograde filter, which means when the apparent motion of a planet is backwards, there will be a pause followed by a brief period (depending on the planet) of time in which we are invited to slow down and review.

reorganize … reevaluate … reassess … retool … rethink … rework … rewind …

Venus retrograde in Gemini invites us to reassess (Mercury) our personal values ( inner side of Venus/Taurus.)

Example chart below (inner circle: natal chart / outer circle transit of 5/21/20)

This person (Ok, me) haha… has transiting Venus in Gemini in the 8th House

When we lay the transiting chart (outer wheel) over the birth chart (inner wheel) – it places transiting Venus in the 8th house, that’s where 20° Gemini was when I was born. Does that make sense?

I also noted with the yellow arrow that TODAY the Sun was on the cusp of the 8th house, most likely intensifying the effect of the retrograde and then to add another deepening layer we have a NEW MOON in the sign of GEMINI at 2°. What to do with all that potential transformative Gemini energy!?!? Maybe I should rewatch Interstellar and see if I can figure out this time.

This is a time for deep questions, as the 8th house ruler is Scorpio, this is the house where you transform by totally dissolving, losing oneself, becoming enmeshed with other. 8th house commonly known as a place of combined resources, while its opposite sign Taurus, is (me, myself and I) personal resources. You can see in the water depths of Scorpio the need to completely liquify like the caterpillar before it metamorphosed into a butterfly.

Venus is also making a 1st quarter waxing square to Neptune in Pisces.

In Evolutionary Astrology we determine the phasal relationship between two planets in order to learn HOW the evolutionary process might manifest – just like the waxing lunar 1st QTR square it marks a point of Crisis in Action and the need for internal adjustment. 

These phases were developed based on the work of Dane Rudhyar, read The Lunation Cycle to learn more about the relationship of the sun/moon cycles. Astrologer, Mark Jones has a free PDF on the 8 gates here.

Here is a great article with a beginners guide to understanding these phases and aspects from the Time Nomad App.

If I wanted to see where Venus was in relation to today, which you totally can, it doesn’t have to be a personal chart, you can cast a chart on and just enter your location – now you have a snapshot of today’s sky.

Our chart example uses Los Angeles, CA 8:00 AM PDT

For the sky above me today – Venus is in the 12th house. You can also take into consideration how that collective interpretation affects you as well. What does Venus in the 12th look like? Take the archetype of Venus (values, resources, love in relationship) and place that in the 12th house, a place of great mystery, seclusion, imprisonment, disillusion, but also transcendence, Carl Jung places the collective unconscious here. With the Sun just entering that house as well, it adds some solar energy to digging deep as well.

With Venus moving backwards towards Mercury and making a square aspect to the 12th house ruler Neptune – we may be feeling confused as to what information to believe. The transiting North Node (the direction of destiny) just entered Gemini at 29 degrees (its normal motion is retrograde – Rx) so it starts at a very important place the last degree of a sign 29 59′ and makes its journey back towards 0 degree. Belaboring the point that this is an important moment in time where we (as a collective) are being asked to reassess where we place value in our lives.

Ask yourself today how have my values changes as a result of the quarantine? Have I shifted or have I been numbing (escapism is very Neptune, 12th house) with Netflix and “________” pick your poison … pills .. alcohol .. carbs … sugar … social media.

You can apply these same interpretations on a personal chart as well. A soul born at this moment (using chart above as their exact date of birth, place and time) I would point out that have a very strong day chart, working with others through relationships  with all those planets above the horizon (house 6-12.)

Regardless of where Venus is in your chart I am suggesting that this is a good time for all of us to take a step back from things. Clean out your closets (literally and metaphorically.)

For me, I am tackling my clutter, this is something I have struggled with all my life. Its funny I went back to an old blog post from May 2010 and then cast the chart for that day.


Saturn was retrograde in Virgo (red colored means retrograde), reflecting on the consequences of lack of routine/structure (Saturn) in relation to being organized (Virgo.) Look at that URANUS OPPOSITION conjunct my natal Mars in Pisces (I’d rather check out.) I’m sure I was getting all sorts of intuitive (Jupiter) hits about not only the mental effects (Venus in Gemini) of my clutter – but how it was impacting my family (4th House) as well – Neptune and Chiron conjunct my Sun/Mercury. Oy vey.  Just look at my reply to a comment on my blog

Observation and correlation, this is how astrology works.

This Venus (and Saturn and Jupiter) retrograde I am responding to the planetary invitations to make real and lasting changes. To get clear with my goals, set intentions, identify and remove all obstacles that I may have placed (knowingly or not) that prevent the magic of manifestation from happening.

I’m going to be offline for a bit while the rest of the world starts reopening. Know that I’ll still be here for your questions while I sort through all my baskets. I’ll give you a peek so you know what I’m up against. I’m totally transparent.

In preparation for tomorrow’s New Moon in Gemini I’ll be making a list of all the things I think I need in order to be successful at my decluttering goal. I’ll upload worksheet I found for you in a new post for those who want to join us in a New Moon Circle. This little offshoot will go for the next month, we will meet on the New Moon, 1st QTR, Full and 4th QTR moon, either here in chat or in a Zoom meeting.

So tell me are you going to take advantage of Venus Retrograde? If so how do see that happening? I’d love to hear.

Clear that clutter!


*Dates based on PDT and PST time.

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